Fish and vege frittata

Fish and vege frittata

I was eating vegetable latkes every morning for breakfast and I finally decided it was time to come up with an alternative dish. Since there really isn’t a good amount of protein in my vegetable pancakes I wanted to create something that contained not only vegetables but a good source of protein. I looked in my refrigerator for inspiration and I found some.

I had purchased and cooked some Continue reading

Ginger sweet potato puree

Ginger sweet potato puree

I created this recipe over 6 months ago and I did not realize that it had not been posted so here it is. While I haven’t made it in a while, I remember how delicious it is. It contains ginger, which is an anti-inflammatory spice.

This recipe is silky smooth, flavorful and would even make a great addition to your Thanksgiving table, its that good.

Thanksgiving notes: This will keep well in the oven provided it is covered with foil. It can even be made ahead of time and reheated. Just figure this recipe will feed about four people and multiply accordingly.

Sweet potato puree
A delightful combination of spices and coconut cream make this sweet potato dish a true winner
  • 1 lb sweet potato, cut into even sized chunks
  • ⅓ cp coconut cream
  • 1½ tsp coconut oil
  • ⅛ tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp ground ginger
  • ¼ tsp salt
  1. Steam or boil the potatoes until just tender, not soft
  2. Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth, approx 2 minutes
  3. Adjust salt
  4. Enjoy!
If you like sweetened sweet potatoes you may add some maple syrup.


Caesar dressing for…well, pretty much anything!

Caesar salad my way

Caesar salad my way, romaine, spinach, parmesan, caramelized onions, Faux’caccia crumbs, Caesar dressing and bits of Alaskan salmon

I love Caesar salad so I decided to create this Caesar dressing. It is really delicious and because you are making it from scratch, you can adjust the ingredients to your preferences. Not only do I put it on romaine but I have been known to slather it on beef roast, turkey and salmon. Just get creative!

I buy a bunch of organic romaine at least once a week and then I go to town. You can vary the ingredients to the salad depending on your mood or depending on what you have available. I have eaten it with salmon, panéed turkey cutlets, grilled chicken, steak, different kinds of nuts, with parmesan, without parmesan and with or without thinly sliced red onion or my favorite, caramelized onion. I don’t eat bread anymore so I used this Faux’caccia to create delicious, although not super crunchy, paleo croutons. Don’t thank me, Sonia, from The Healthy Foodie came up with this one. Continue reading

And then there was turkey soup

Turkey soup

Turkey soup

I love soup! My B blood type diet recommends not eating chicken. So since I love soup so much and I used to make many versions with chicken, I had to come up with a replacement. TURKEY!

This is the first turkey soup I have ever made but it is a winner! And it meets the requirements of paleo. You don’t have to use any special kind of turkey.
However, I recommend Continue reading

Sweet potato hash, you’re gonna love it!

Sweet potato hash

Sweet potato hash, perfect for any meal

This is my new favorite meal. It is pretty much a go to for me. It is super simple to make and both the flavor and texture are pretty amazing. I have to say I was pretty surprised when I first tasted the results.

The sweet potatoes kind of caramelize, while the zucchini stays relatively firm. The diced onion and garlic just adds to the complexity. The thyme sort of boosts the flavor of the whole dish. I just love it, Continue reading

This roasted tomato sauce is good on anything, even your finger!

Grass fed filet with roasted tomato sauce

Grass fed filet with roasted tomato sauce

Earlier in my life, I was in the food industry. I have owned two fine dining restaurants and a gourmet food company where I created all of the products. Eventually I sold it. I’ve managed several small gourmet establishments. I have been hired twice to save a failing food business. I was the baker at an upscale seafood restaurant. I was also the chef in Dayton’s first vegetarian restaurant. My job history has been varied and with each position I took my skills to the next level. Last year I started a blog called Meals Alone. I found myself single after 23 years and committed myself to “make lemonade out of lemons.” I spent many hours creating recipes for singles, couples and empty nesters. I believe that everyone needs to share a meal with someone special, especially if Continue reading

Try this paleo spaghetti! Its delicious!

Paleo spaghetti

You’ve got to try this paleo spaghetti with Italian sausage

Well I guess I am finally making the creative cooking transition into the paleo world. It has taken me a couple of months of being paleo to get used to it enough to actually create my own recipes. Its not that I have not posted recipes that meet paleo requirements but I had already come up with those. They just happened to qualify.

Actually this is the third paleo recipe I have created for this site. The first and second were paleo sweet potato hash and cauliflower mash. As I go, each recipe has become a bit more complex so I guess we’re headed in the right direction.

I know this is not typically what you think of when referring to spaghetti but it is equally delicious and flavorful while Continue reading

Think its mashed potatoes? Its not, its mashed cauliflower

mashed cauliflower

Looks like mashed potatoes but it is mashed cauliflower

It looks like mashed potatoes, it has the texture of mashed potatoes, you cook it like mashed potatoes but you say its not mashed potatoes?

That’s because its mashed cauliflower! I was skeptical too but I did a bunch of research (like always) and decided on the best choice of cooking method and added ingredients. Of course I chose paleo ingredients and those that maximize the richness factor of this humble vegetable. I have to say I was impressed. The flavor and texture was perfect. Continue reading

Make this Worcestershire sauce, its paleo approved

Worcestershire sauce recipe

Homemade Worcestershire sauce

I haven’t used much Worcestershire sauce over the last 30 years but now that I can’t season with soy sauce (because of the soy and the wheat that it contains) I have decided that I should reconsider using Worcestershire sauce. The stuff from the grocery is not even close to paleo approved so I decided to create my own. Its not exact, since the original is fermented over a period of time, but I think it is close enough to call it a great substitute for the famous stuff. Continue reading