You will love this rich blueberry walnut chicken salad!

Blueberry walnut chicken salad

Blueberry walnut chicken salad

This is a perfect recipe for the height of summer. Blueberry walnut chicken salad is rich with just the right amount of crunch and sweetness provided by the pecans and blueberries. I  created it in typical fashion, because I had surplus of both. I also had just started making my own mayonnaise and needed to use some of it up, so it was a easy jump to chicken salad. It turned out fantastic and I really had to force myself to stop eating it because it was so surprisingly delicious.

The components worked in perfect harmony. It was rich without being overly so,  just right as far as sweetness, and the chicken and walnuts provided needed texture. All I had to do was get the seasonings right and we were off. I did, so here is the recipe.

Blueberry walnut chicken salad
Blueberry walnut chicken salad is a perfect summer dish!
  • 1 cp cooked chicken, chopped, I used dark and light meat
  • ½ cp mayo, I make my own
  • ½ cp coarsely chopped walnuts
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp garlic
  • ¼ cp diced shallot
  • ½-3/4 cp blueberries, preferably in season and organic
  1. Mix all ingredients. Stir well being careful not to smash the berries.

This would be ever so perfect for a summer lunch or featured at a shower of some sort. Of course it doesn’t have to be a special occasion, by all means make it for yourself any time you want. Plus it is so easy to throw together.

Clean eating brings new challenges, like making condiments

Make your own mayonnaise, its unbelievable

Make your own mayonnaise, its unbelievable

As you know, I refer to salad dressing that you buy at a store as “death in a bottle”, so obviously I never buy it. I make my own. You can find recipes for balsamic, roasted garlic and creamy parmesan right here on my blog.

So, I can’t in good conscience, continue to use and/or recommend purchased condiments like mayo and mustard. While they are not as bad as salad dressings they still contain ingredients I do not want to consume. Making your own is easy, quick, so delicious and fresh, plus no nasty chemicals and bad for you oils.

The first recipe is for mayonnaise. If you have a real fear of eating raw eggs then I suggest you move on to the mustard recipe. Personally, I do not. I eat raw egg in all sorts of things Continue Reading →

The foods I never eat

Doughnut danger

Doughnut danger

I first had some pretty serious health issues related to diet when I was about 17. I had minor issues prior to that but they went full blown around then. I had constant headaches, multiple bouts of strep throat and tonsillitis, depression and hypoglycemia. I also had my first (and only) bout of mono. I sometimes didn’t eat for four days at a time (teen rebellion) and when I did eat I chose cheese, orange juice, ice cream or shakes and graham crackers. Its no wonder I was sick, everything I chose was in the beige/ brown family and nothing was considered a good for me choice.

I missed much of my junior year due to illness, although I did manage to keep my grades up. My mom took me to a chiropractor/naturopath  that a friend told her about. I met with him and he set to work fixing me. That was when my interest in healthy living started. Continue Reading →

The kitchen gadgets you don’t need

Kitchen gadgets you dont need

How can you even find anything?

I was shopping for a new knife sharpener. My Furi diamond fingers wore out after seven years and would no longer sharpen my knives. I was in the market for a longer lasting version (I was not aware of the fact that it would wear out). While on my excursion, I saw several gadgets available to all shoppers that made me just shake my head in disbelief. The one that made me decide I had to write this post was an avocado slicer. I wanted to scream, “just use a friggin paring knife!”

How many gadgets are available to do simple jobs that can easily be performed by a utensil you already have in your kitchen drawers. I already have a page that tells you the items you need but I neglected to tell you the things you DO NOT NEED OR WANT. These gadgets are a waste of drawer/cupboard space and money. Continue Reading →

How to make an amazing omelette worthy of a resort

Omelette with basil, salmon and fresh corn

Vacation worthy food made at home

This is one amazing omelette. It stands out above 98% of all the omelettes I have had. I actually experienced this omelette while on vacation several years ago in San Francisco. I was staying at a super nice hotel and one morning while perusing their breakfast menu, I spotted this fresh, original omelette. It was as good as it sounded, maybe even better. The sweetness of the fresh corn, the slight tang of the melting cream cheese, the bold flavor of the smoked salmon and the fresh flavors added by the basil and chives was definitely a home run. I make this omelette only when the herbs are available fresh as it is not a stand out without them.

This omelette is so impressive I make it whenever impressions are important. It is so unusual, delicious and creative that it is always a major hit. I want to share it with you so you can also experience this delight  first hand. Continue Reading →

Food tips, including preparation, shortcuts and best practices from a food professional

Storing fresh herbs

Storing fresh herbs

Here are a my top food tips, including prep, shortcuts and best practices, all attained from 30 years experience.

Cast iron pans – Ok, I admit I didn’t know this until food started sticking and I had to do a little research to find the cause. Turns out you cannot use any kind of dish detergent or grease cutting cleaners, ever. I found this out the hard way when my Lodge skillet lost it’s sheen. I re-seasoned it, an oiling and baking process and have not used detergents since, just hot water and a dobie. Dry by sitting on a just warm burner, turn it off when all the water is evaporated. Re oil with a small amount of olive oil and a papertowel.

Chicken – Buy it on sale in quantities to last you at least a month. It is super easy to freeze if wrapped right. Either wrap individual portions in plastic wrap and place them in a freezer bag or when you make marinades for chicken, just freeze the chicken Continue Reading →

This Greek chicken salad recipe deserves a stand alone post

Greek chicken saladI have been working on a post called One chicken, seven days, seven ways. All of the recipes dishes are really good but the post’s purpose is mainly about convenience rather than truly outstanding recipes or options. I am really just trying to encourage creative and impromptu thinking when it comes to meal preparation. Both quick meals and planned meals have their place. Once you cook the chicken, you have multiple possibilities that are quick and easy. Now, on to the Greek chicken salad. Continue Reading →